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Recovering after a serious injury or accident can be difficult, but when that injury or incident was caused by the careless, reckless, or otherwise negligent actions of another person or corporation, the recovery process can seem needlessly brutal. You may feel like the entire world is collapsing. You may wonder if that individual or company will harm someone else next. You may wonder if the American justice system has perhaps left your side.

We’re here to tell you that there is always hope. You’ve come to the right law firm. At Welsh & Welsh PC, LLO, our Omaha personal injury lawyers are committed to helping residents in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri obtain justice and ensure they can provide for their families after a tragic injury. With our help, you won’t have to wonder if a reckless drunk driver may get behind the wheel again. Lawsuits send a message that’s impossible to ignore. Personal injury claims are also civil matters and can be filed in addition to criminal charges.

When a lawyer files a successful claim against a negligent nursing home, for example, or a careless trucker who caused a serious crash, you may be able to receive compensation, often referred to as damages, that can potentially be used to pay for your past, current, and future medical bills and your lost wages if you were unable to work. You may also be able to recover compensation that aims to make up for some of the pain, mental anguish, and suffering you and your family have endured. 

Hiring an experienced injury lawyer from Welsh & Welsh can give you the room you need to recover in a stress-free environment as we take over all legal tasks—including dealing with overbearing insurance adjusters. You can rest easy knowing that a personal injury lawsuit never costs the victim a cent unless their case is successful—and even then, our attorney’s fees are taken out of the final verdict or settlement. Nothing is ever owed upfront in an injury-related case. This ensures that every victim can get the help they need to move forward.  

If you’re considering hiring a personal injury attorney, it’s vital to remember that all claims have a limited amount of time they must be filed during for the case to be valid. This period is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations. Most personal injury statutes of limitations in Nebraska are limited to 1-2 years. Since different types of cases may have different statutes, you’ll need to reach out to an attorney to find out the precise requirements of your case.

Whether you were involved in a serious car accidenttruck accident, or need help with a product liability or medical malpractice claim, we’re on your side. Contact our Nebraska office today to speak with an experienced Omaha personal injury lawyer who can walk you through the process of filing a claim. We’re happy to offer a no-obligation consultation at no cost to you and tell you if taking legal action is in your best interest.

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"We are so deeply touched by your hard work representing our daughter who tragically died because a trucking company hired a driver who had been in many accidents before and should never have been on the road. Your knowledge and lawyering made the difference. " - Tony and Beth M.


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